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The Standard Change Catalog

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Article Number : KB0018318
Published on : 2020-09-01
Last modified : 2020-09-01 15:55:11
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

On the navigation bar you will find "Standard Change Catalog" which will take you to the Standard Change Templates



The Standard Change Templates will all lead you to the currently created standard change templates.

(For more information on what a standard change is please go to The Four Changes article, KB0018316)


A standard change will be a template that will already have several fields filled out. As an example we will take a look at the 'Add Network Switch to Cabinet' standard change.


You will see on this template that several fields are already populated for you. Standard changes have a low risk and regularly occur, so it's much easier to request one of these changes. 


On the Standard Change Catalog, you will also see the Template Management option.  This will let you propose a new standard change template, or modify/retire an existing one. 


Let's try to modify the standard change we used in the example above, Add Network Switch to Cabinet.



You can see that the form brings up all the current fields that the templates auto fills in. You are free to request a change on any of the existing fields OR add more fields using the "Choose Field" option below the currently selected fields.


Request the approval for the updates, and once passed you will see your changes on all subsequent uses of that standard change template!


Requesting A New Standard Change

A Change Requester may propose a Standard Change Template for a Normal Change if it:

  • has all the attributes of a Standard Change
  • has been completed successfully during the most recent three consecutive instances.


Proposed Standard Change Templates shall be reviewed and authorized by the Change Approver and may be revoked or modified if an incident occurs during the implementation of a Standard Request For Change.


Standard Change Templates must include:


  • a brief description of the change, including a category and Risk Assessment Value 
  • an implementation plan, including steps for testing the results of the change;
  • a communication plan; and,
  • a backout plan.


The Service Owner shall own all Standard Change Templates created for their service. Templates copied for use with a different service, must follow the authorization process for a new Standard Change Template. This ensures the documentation in the copied template, such as the implementation plan or communication plan, is tailored to the specific needs of the service.


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