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Change Management services

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Article Number : KB0018293
Published on : 2022-11-10
Last modified : 2022-11-10 20:25:32
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Use case

The following list of Configuration Items are to be used for Change Management. This is a combined list of Business Services and Service Offerings that changes can be executed against.



The Business Service CI type is the larger umbrella which the Service Offerings are under. In preparation for a project to align our Service Catalog structure with the EduCause guidelines, Business Services should be used in CI selection for Change records unless there is not one available. If no Business Service CI is available, Service Offering should be used. If no Service Offering is available, Application should be used. The list below outlines the appropriate CI choice for each service we are currently logging Changes against for your reference.
Business Services and Service Offerings are part of the Service Catalog structure. Applications and other CI types are not. They are independent of the Business Service/Service Offering relationship.
Ideally we would not use Application CI Type for Phase 1 of Change, but since not all services that have Changes logged against them are currently in the Service Catalog, the Application CI type is being used as a catch-all for those services currently.
Change Management CI Name CI Type CI Owner Group (SN Assignment Group)
*DEFINE Internals Business Service ITS-Apps-Define Internals
*DPUSER Business Service ITS-Systems-Mainframe
Active Directory Business Service ITS-Systems-Active Directory
Adabas Needs Business Service ITS-Systems-Mainframe
Ansible Tower Application ITS-Systems-ESM
Antivirus Software Business Service ISO
Apollo Business Service ITS-Apps-ID-Management
Apple School Manager Business Service ITS-CSS-Tier 2
Application Registry Service Offering ISO
Artifactory Service Offering ITS-Apps-Artifactory
Automated Attendants Service Offering ITS-NT-Management
AWS Business Service ITS-Systems-Cloud
Bastion Application ITS-Systems-ESM
Bomgar Business Service ITS-CSS-Bomgar
Cabling and Wiring Business Service ITS-NT-Management
Campus Cable TV Business Service ITS-NT-Management
Campus Networks Business Service ITS-NT-Management
Campus Public FTP Server Business Service ITS-NT-Management
Campus Red Hat Network Satellite (RHNS) Service Offering ITS-Systems-ESM
Campus Security Systems (BACS) Business Service ITS-UDC-BACS
CMS Hosting Platform Business Service ITS-Apps-CMS Hosting Platform
Commodity Internet Business Service ITS-NT-Management
Construction Projects Service Offering ITS-NT-Management
CrashPlan PROe Application ITS-CSS-UT Backup
Data Center Host Monitoring (Zenoss) Service Offering ITS-Systems-Monitoring
Data Center Networks Service Offering ITS-NT-Management
Department Networks Business Service ITS-NT-Management
Deployment Environment Manager (DEM) Service Offering ITS-Apps-demowners
Digital Certificates Business Service ISO
Digital Signage Business Service ITS-NT-Management
Distributed Antenna System Service Offering ITS-NT-Management
Document Repository Business Service ITS-Apps-DocRepo
Domain Name System (DNS) Business Service ITS-NT-Management
Enterprise Authentication Service Offering ITS-Apps-ID Management
(Enterprise Service Bus) Mulesoft Business Service ITS-Apps-Integration-Services
Event Support Business Service ITS-NT-Management
General Networks Business Service ITS-NT-Management
Github Service Offering ITS-Apps-Github
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Application ITS-Systems-Cloud
Green Output Business Service ITS-CSS-Tier 2
Greenprint Application ITS-Systems-Mainframe
Group and Role Management Service Offering ITS-Apps-ID Management
Hardware Systems Management Application ITS-Systems-ESM
ID Card System Application ITS-CSS-ID
ID Center Business Service ITS-CSS-ID
InCommon Certificates Business Service ITS-Systems-Certificates
InContact Application ITS-CSS-Tier 1
Information Security Office Risk Assessment (ISORA) Business Service ISO
IPTV Business Service ITS-NT-Management
IT Alerting (Everbridge) Business Service ITS-CSS-IT Alerting
JavaMail Business Service ITS-Systems-MainframeMail
jEdit-DMG Plugin Business Service ITS-Apps-jedit
LDAP Application ITS-Systems-ESM
Legacy FacNet Application ITS-NT-Management
Legacy Shibboleth Service Offering ITS-Apps-ID Management
Load Balancing Application ITS-Systems-LoadBalancing
Mail Filtering Service Business Service ITS-Systems-Mail
Mainframe   ITS-CSS-Tier 2
Managed Container Environment Service Offering ITS-Systems-MSSowner
Managed File Transfer (Stonebranch) Business Service ITS-Apps-Integration Services
Managed Linux Server Service Offering ITS-Systems-MSS
Managed Server Support Business Service ITS-Systems-MSS
Managed Windows Server Service Offering ITS-Systems-MSS
Microsoft Azure Business Service ITS-Systems-Cloud
Microsoft Product Activation (Key Management Service) Business Service ITS-Systems-ESM
Microsoft SQL Server Business Service ITS-Systems-Database
Multi-Factor Authentication Service Offering ITS-Apps-ID Management
MySQL Business Service ITS-Systems-Database
MyUT Business Service MyUT-Student-Success-Initiatives-Technology
Network Access Points Service Offering ITS-NT-Management
Network Security Taps Service Offering ITS-NT-Management
Office 365 Business Service ITS-Systems-Mail
Oracle Business Service ITS-Systems-Database
Organizational Hierarchy System (OHS) Contacts Business Service ITS-Apps-ID Management
PDAParser Business Service ITS-Apps-PDAParser
PDFGenerator Business Service ITS-Apps-PDFGen
Puppet Application ITS-Systems-ESM
Python Production Environment (PyPE) Business Service ITS-Apps-PyPE
Qualtrics Survey Tool Business Service ITS-CSS-Tier 2
RabbitMQ Application ITS-Apps-Integration Services
Red Hat Network Satellite (RHNS) Business Service ITS-Systems-ESM
Remote Desktop Gateway Service Offering ITS-Systems-Active Directory
Remote Desktop Licensing Application ITS-Systems-ESM
Residence Hall Network Business Service ITS-NT-Management
SCCM Application ITS-Systems-ESM
SCOM Application ITS-Systems-Monitoring
SelfScan - Self Serve Vulnerability Scanning Service Business Service ISO
ServiceNow Business Service ITS-Apps-ServiceNow
SharePoint Business Service ITS-Systems-Sharepoint
Splunk Business Service ITS-Systems-Monitoring
SSL Certificates Service Offering ITS-Systems-Certificates
Stache Business Service ISO
Storage Application ITS-Systems-Storage
TID Printing Business Service ITS-CSS-Tier 2
TN3270 Business Service ITS-CSS-Tier 2
tn3270 x Business Service ITS-CSS-Tier 2
UCD, Virtual, Physical (drypair) and Carrier Circuits Business Service ITS-NT-Management
University Blog Service Business Service ITS-Apps-Blogs
University Data Center (UDC) Business Service ITS-UDC-Client Services
University Wiki Service Business Service ITS-Apps-Wikis
UT Box Business Service ITS-CSS-Tier 2
UT Container Services - DEM, MCE Business Service ITS-Systems-ESM
UT Container Services (DEM, MCE) Business Service ITS-Apps-Demowners
UT Direct Business Service ITS-Apps-UT Direct
UT Drupal Kit Business Service ITS-Apps-Web Team
UT Lists Business Service ITS-Systems-Listmaster
UT Print Business Service ITS-CSS-Tier 2
UT QuickSites Business Service ITS-Apps-QuickSites
UT Ready (Kuali) Service Offering ISO
UT Web Business Service ITS-Systems-Web
uTexas Enterprise Directory (TED) Business Service ITS-Apps-ID Management
uTexas Identity Manager (TIM) Business Service ITS-Apps-ID Management
UTHA Applications Business Service UTHA-Applications
UTHA-Athena Service Offering UTHA-Applications
UTHA-Clinect Service Offering UTHA-Applications
UTHA-Experian Service Offering UTHA-Applications
UTHA-Fibroblast Service Offering UTHA-Applications
UTHA-Get Well Service Offering UTHA-Applications
UTHA-REDCap Service Offering UTHA-Applications
UTHA-Stratus Service Offering UTHA-Applications
UTHA-Systoc Service Offering UTHA-Applications
UTLogin Service Offering ITS-Apps-ID Management
UTNet Utilities Application ITS-NT-Management
Veeam/UT-VMG Backups Application ITS-Systems-Virtual Services
Virtual Machine Gateway (UT-VMG) Business Service ITS-Systems-Virtual Services
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Business Service ITS-NT-Management
Virtual Routing and Forwarding Service Offering ITS-NT-Management
Voice and Telephone Services Business Service ITS-NT-Management
Voice Mail & Auto Attendants (AA) Business Service ITS-NT-Management
VRF - CNS Application ITS-NT-Management
VRF - DMS Application ITS-NT-Management
VRF - EPSS Application ITS-NT-Management
VRF - Other Application ITS-NT-Management
VRF - UDC Application ITS-NT-Management
VRF - UEM Application ITS-NT-Management
VRF - Voice Application ITS-NT-Management
Web Application Monitoring (Thousand Eyes) Service Offering ITS-Systems-Monitoring
Webcasts and Streaming Media Business Service ITS-NT-Management
WHIPS Business Service ITS-Apps-ID Management
Windows Software Update Service Business Service ITS-Systems-ESM
Windows Virtual Desktop Service Offering ITS-Systems-Active Directory
Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi) Business Service ITS-NT-Management
Workload Automation (Stonebranch) Business Service ITS-Apps-Integration Services
XML Gateway Business Service ITS-Apps-XML-Gateway
Zoom Business Service ITS-CSS-Tier 2


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