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Service Plans

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Article Number : KB0017959
Published on : 2019-10-17
Last modified : 2019-10-17 23:06:21
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

 FY 2019-2020 | September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2020

Service Plan Monthly Traffic Limits Annual Fee

25K visits 2

125K pages served 3

$ 300
Performance Small

25K visits 4

125K pages served

$ 1080
Performance Medium

50K visits

250K pages served

$ 1920
Performance Large

150K visits

750K pages served

$ 3900
Performance Extra Large

300K visits

1.5M pages served

$ 6480

1. Sites exceeding their monthly limits may be subject to being upgraded to a higher level plan, but sites will NOT be automatically charged for overages without discussion from ITS and Pantheon

2. Pantheon defines “Visits” as: “Total amount of unique traffic (IP and user agent) to your site in a 24 hour period, excluding known bots and crawlers.” 

3. Pantheon defines “Pages Served” as: “Total number of responses generated by WordPress or Drupal that are served to a visitor. This includes cached

responses and non-HTML responses such as JSON.”

4. While the “Basic” and “Performance Small” plans appear the same in terms of monthly traffic limits, the Performance Small plan includes technical features intended for sites with higher performance needs, such as a higher number of PHP workers, the New Relic application performance monitoring tool, and Redis caching. For a full technical comparison of all site plans, please refer to


Site Hosting Fees are prorated for the current fiscal year, and are charged via an Internal Direct Transfer (IDT) transaction at the time a Pantheon sandbox is converted to a live site. Sites will be automatically renewed into the same service plan at the beginning of each fiscal year unless ITS is otherwise notified.

The selected service plan will remain in effect until either:

  • Business owner changes the plan or
  • Pantheon determines that the website is exceeding the monthly page view limit for the selected plan.

In the case that the service plan is changed to a higher-level service plan, there will be an additional IDT to recover the balance of the higher cost for the remainder of the fiscal year. No reimbursements will be made and monthly charges will not be prorated.


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