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MFA: How do I authenticate using a mobile number?

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Article Number : KB0017952
Published on : 2019-11-27
Last modified : 2019-11-27 21:40:47
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

In order to authenticate using your mobile phone number, you will first need to enroll your device.

Enroll Your Device as a Mobile Phone

When you are asked What type of device are you adding? be sure to select Mobile phone. Follow the provided instructions.

The University strongly recommends that you enroll more than one device for this service. This way, if your device becomes lost, stolen, replaced, or reset to factory conditions you will be able to use a backup device to re-enroll the affected device.

More information can be found in Duo’s documentation:

Authenticate Using Your Mobile Number

When you are prompted to Choose an authentication method, select the Call Me option and follow the instructions.

Note: You will need to have your mobile phone nearby to authenticate with it.

More information can be found in Duo’s documentation:

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