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Printing in the FAC

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Article Number : KB0017700
Published on : 2022-09-08
Last modified : 2022-09-08 15:18:53
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Quick Links: MyPrintCenter website Add Bevo Pay Funds


Printers in the Flawn Academic Center are located near the Campus Computer Store and near the Fire Place (next to the ‘Academic Discounts’ vending machine). Both printers are color.  


How to Print in the FAC:

  • Ensure you have a Bevo Pay, My Library Print, or Dine In Dollars account with available funds.
  • You can Add Bevo Pay Funds if you do not have any 
  • Check your printing balance and upload print jobs through MyPrintCenter

Scanning in the FAC:

  • Scan to email feature works and is free: Log In (scan ID) > Home > Scan > Enter Email 
  • Scan option available at the printer next to the vending machine ONLY 


  • Further instructions on How to Print 
  • For information on refunds, cost, and other features, please visit the UTPrint Knowledge 
  • More UT Print Locations 
  • Visit the UT Copy Center in the Union building if you are a visitor or don’t have a Bevo Pay account 
  • The closest library is the Life Sciences Library is located in the Tower


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