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What To Do If Someone Else May Be Using Your UT EID to Sign In

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Article Number : KB0017627
Published on : 2021-09-09
Last modified : 2021-09-09 14:34:31
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

If you believe that someone else may be using your UT EID, immediately change your password.

If your UT ID Card has been lost or stolen, immediately report it lost or stolen. (If your UT ID Card provides you with access to one or more of the buildings on campus, please also alert your building administrator(s). If you have access to a highly secured area, you must also immediately report your lost card to UTPD at +1 512-471-4441.)

If you have had a device stolen, fill out and submit the stolen equipment notification form.

For additional assistance, please contact your departmental IT support or contact the UT Service Desk.

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