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Group Email - References (Emma)

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Article Number : KB0017581
Published on : 2021-09-14
Last modified : 2021-09-14 13:11:16
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Group Email - References

Sitemap for UT Group Email articles

Getting Started:

Service Management:

Emma 101 tutorial

General site:

Viewing 1-3 in order is preferable for sending basics and understanding the sending process through from beginning to end (though parts of video 1 deal with technical aspects that are of little concern to Authors and Managers).  Video 4 is about metrics and which may be valuable for improving the success of your future emails.

All 4 Emma 101 videos are on the same page:

            Emma 101 Watch | Emma Email Marketing

Video 1:  Let’s talk about lists (contacts/audience)

Video 2:  Let’s make some emails (templates, completion, testing)

Video 3:  Don’t fear the send screen  (review & send, send form, split test)

Video 4:  What metrics matter?

Emma online documentation


Opt-ins and opt-outs

            Opt-in an unsubscribed contact

Logging in and Navigation

            Account login issues


Building Your Message

            Choose an email template

            Customizing your layout

            Add and organize images

            Add and edit text

            Using HTML code in your mailing

            Important code-your-own HTML reminders

            Top 10 tips for using the HTML block

            Mobile tips and delivery issues when using your own HTML

            Using Campaign Builder

            Add a countdown timer

Preparing To Send

            Making design changes and sending a test

            Review and test before you send

            How to send your mailing

            Send or schedule a mailing

            Send process for Authors in Emma HQ accounts

            Change your default sender name and address

Viewing Your Mailing’s Response and Metrics

            The response summary email

            Understanding your mailing response numbers

            Compare mailings

            Saving maIling results as segments

Information for Managers

            User Permission levels

            Manage current Users (includes deleting Authors)

            View a contact’s status (Please don’t attempt to change a contact’s status; contact stewards instead)

            Creating Segments        

            The Emma HQ dashboard

            The Emma HQ home page

            The Emma HQ drop-down menu

            Change your default sender name and address

International guidelines for data privacy and commercial emails

            CAN-SPAM Act:  A Compliance Guide for Business

            CASL:  Canada’s CAN-SPAM Act

            GDPR:  The EU General Data Protection Regulation

Getting help with Group Email

University Group Email is currently designed to send only to individuals having current affiliations with the University.  (Guest EIDs generally do not have a corresponding IID.)


Questions about approving a message:

            Please contact the Managers of the Subaccount to which the message has been submitted. Link to listing is here.

Questions about any aspect of the service can be addressed to the GEM stewards:

            General questions:

            Expedited questions:

            Or use the forms in ServiceNow 

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