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Approving a Message in Group Email (Emma)

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Article Number : KB0017573
Published on : 2020-07-28
Last modified : 2020-07-28 19:27:30
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Message Review Process 


For an overview of the message review and sending process including steps on setup for approval notifications, please click here:



  • Author: Can create (but not send) messages.
  • Manager: Can create, cancel, send and approve messages.



Manager can send messages without a separate approval step.  (See Getting Started article for details.)

Manager approves message from Author:

  • When logging on, Manager is taken to the HD Homepage (outside of all subaccounts).
  • Manager will be on the "Sent" tab by default.
  • If there is a message ready for approval, there should be a red asterisk after the "Upcoming" tab marking.
  • Select "Upcoming" tab.
  • View list of messages you can review.  Select "Review" button for message you wish to act on.
  • If message date send time is in the past, schedule date/time will be in red.  Must update in order to activate "Approve" button.
  • After reviewing, select "Approve" or "Deny".
  • Sending notification of action to author is recommended.  (Please note that this is the only step in which the author's EID will be displayed to the manager.)
  • Sending specific reason to author is also recommended for Deny actions; message can also be specified on Approve action.
  • You may encounter a nonspecific error if one of the other managers has already approved or denied the message. (We are trying to get the error message displayed to be more specific.)


  • All subaccounts should have a minimum of two managers for approvals and redundancy. 
  • Ensure your email notifications are toggled on; when on, approval requests will be emailed to you. 

  • It is possible to include comments when approving or denying messages, which will be sent to the author of the message. 

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