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4. Steps to setup Stonebranch for mainframe batch

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Article Number : KB0017456
Published on : 2020-02-18
Last modified : 2020-02-18 15:22:51
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help



Before you can do these steps, you have to be authorized to create sb tasks in sb prod.

To get authorized, write the Stonebranch team and ask to be authorized.


• For Stonebranch to initiate batch jobs, you need minimally 3 stonebranch objects

1. a sb credentials object.

2. a sb cron trigger (or time trigger) --to schedule when the batch jobs should be initiated.

3. a sb z/OS task --to kick off the mainframe task.

• Most likely you will need a sb workflow task too.

Examples of logic that was in TM, but now needs to be programmed into a sb workflow:

--order of jobs, or submit multiple jobs at same time.

--if hold or proceed if previous job abends.



--Use your Logon id and password.

IMPORTANT: Every 45 days, when you change your logon id password, you must immediatly go to the sb prod interface and change the password here too. If you don't, any job using that sb credentials object will fail.



• give it a name with this format:

--It's probably a good idea to include, in the name of the z/OS task, the name of the UEDIT JCL file that the task runs.

--Include the name of the Natural environment you are running in the name of this task. (Jobs in all mainframe environments are initiated from stonebranch prod. So you will want to be able to distinguish the sb tasks when you see the names in a list in the sb interface.)



--specify the credentials


--set "0" for the exit code success range.



--Create new workflow, then click "edit workflow".

--Use binoculars icon to search for tasks you want to include. Drag the tasks from the "found tasks" window to the main workflow window.

--click once on the arrow icon, then drag from the 1st task you want to run to the 2nd task you want to run. The default for an arrow is "success", i.e. the 2nd job runs if the first is successful.

--You have to click the little save icon, which looks like a floppy disk, to save changes to the workflow.



--Give it a name in this format

--Include the Natural environment that is triggered in the name.

--Select "System Default" as the calendar

--In "Tasks", choose the workflow you want to initiate

--Enter Minutes, hours, day of month, etc. for when you want it to run.

The minutes will be applied to every hour. So if you enter 15 for minutes, and 6 and 14 for hours, your job will run at 6:15 am and 2:15 pm.

--Click "save" or "update" as appropriate.

To test it is working . .  .CONTINUE HERE. MAKE THE SYSTEM stop later in the process. Because T,Q,P all run here. it's possible you could make a typo when creating the prod one. 



things you need to get set up and authorized for, to be able to set up this system

--authorized to "promote" sb objects between environments

--SB environments set up:

        --agent for each environemnt

       --agents organized into "promotion chains" (is that the term?)

        --agents in agent clusters

       --each agent you install on a server, you have to get firewall set up .

 --you want to organize your sb tasks into "promotion bundles", so you can promote a bunch at once.


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