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1. Steps to prep mainframe job group

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Article Number : KB0017453
Published on : 2020-01-14
Last modified : 2020-01-14 00:59:55
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

This page describes steps to make your mainframe job group able to be submitted by Stonebranch.

More accurately, a job group is not itself initiated by Stonebranch. Rather, a job group in Task Manager is a tool for easily writing JCL, which is then put into a UEDIT library. These JCL files in the UEDIT library constitute Natural steps, scratch steps, SFTP steps, etc. Stonebranch submits these JCL files that live in the UEDIT library, to carry out a sequence of jobs. 

These instructions assume you already have a job group in Task Manager that you would like to schedule using Stonebranch.

Most job groups in Task Manager will require minimal modification or no modification.

Changes to make to Natural code in your job group

  • You may not use 'FILL-SENDER-DYNAMICALLY' when using the email module EMN$INET. (PDA = EMDPINET).  In PDA EMDPINET, the instructions for the field #EMDPINET.FILL-SENDER-DYNAMICALLY say "If you use this feature in BATCH, SENDER-NAME and SENDER-ADDRESS will be the submitter of the BATCH JOB." Some problem happens regarding this field when Stonebranch is the submitter of the job. So if you CALLNAT EMN$INET from any of the Natural modules in your job group, you will need to set FILL-SENDER-DYNAMICALLY to FALSE and fill the sender name and address by the other available means.
  • Similar to the FILL-SENDER-DYNAMICALLY problem, remove T3DLUSRN in a Natural module that is run from JCL and submitted by Stonebranch. 
  • The Natural code in your job group should be ready to be submitted from Stonebranch.


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