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(Stonebranch) How to schedule mainframe batch with Stonebranch

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Article Number : KB0017452
Published on : 2020-01-14
Last modified : 2020-01-14 00:51:35
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


There are 4 parts of this system that allow you to schedule mainframe batch jobs from Stonebranch (sb). The parts are:

1. Your mainframe job group (and the jobs it includes),

2. The mainframe UEDIT library itself,

3. JCL code files in the UEDIT library, and

4. Stonebranch tasks.


This table indicates how you need to change each of these 4 parts, in order to set up this system.

Start and end state of each part of the system

part of the system

starting state

end state

Wiki page describing steps to make this change

1. Mainframe job group  

• Before you do these steps, you already have a mainframe job group (in Task Manager) that you want to schedule using Stonebranch.

• Your job group is ok to be submitted from Stonebranch.

1. Steps to prep mainframe job group 

2. Mainframe UEDIT library

• Before you do these steps, you have no UEDIT library.

• You have a UEDIT library.

2. Steps to set up mainframe UEDIT library

3. JCL code files in the UEDIT library (a.k.a "members" of the library)

• Before you do these steps, you have no JCL code (in UEDIT) for your job group.

• One JCL file in your UEDIT library (a "member" of the UEDIT library) per job in your job group.

3. Steps to store JCL code in a UEDIT library

4. Stonebranch tasks

• Before you do these steps, you have no Stonebranch tasks related to scheduling your job group.

• Several sb objects:

--Stonebranch credentials object for mainframe

--One stonebranch z/OS task per job in your job group

--A stonebranch workflow object, to organize your tasks

--A stonebranch cron task, or timer task, to schedule your process

4. Steps to setup Stonebranch for mainframe batch

When you have completed these 4 steps, you will have a mainframe job group that is scheduled to run at the times you set in Stonebranch. You may also set up the mainframe job group to be triggered by any trigger available in Stonebranch.


Tutorial: Stonebranch Scheduling of Mainframe


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