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(Stonebranch) How to Submit Task Manager Jobgroups from Stonebranch

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Article Number : KB0017444
Published on : 2020-01-14
Last modified : 2020-01-14 00:42:09
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


You can submit a Task Manager jobgroup from Stonebranch.  Stonebranch will not track the progress or success of the jobs in the submitted JG, although it will track and report the success of the job submission itself.

This is done via creating a z/OS Task in Stonebranch that submits some specially prepared JCL to the mainframe.  When that job runs it will cause your job to be submitted under the RACF credentials of the RACF userid associated with the task in Stonebranch.


Stonebranch z/OS tasks can only be created and scheduled in the Prod Stonebranch instance.  You will need to request authorization from the Stonebranch team to create a z/OS Task, and to develop tasks in the Prod instance.


You will need to create a Credentials object in Stonebranch to hold the RACF userid/password to be used for submitting your jobs.  You will have to remember to update this credential whenever you change your mainframe password.

For personal RACF userid/password you will want a personal credential object in stonebranch, these are only accessible to you. In order to create one you will name your credential object  <youreid>_CRD_<freeform> ex: mm63978_CRD_dpmsw_creds

z/OS Task

The only other Stonebranch object you'll need is a z/OS Task.  Click the z/OS Tasks link in the Stonebranch sidebar, and in the resulting pane find the SHARED_TSK_TaskMgr_Submit task and click on it.  With that task displayed in the lower pane, click the Copy option to copy this template task to your own Business Service:

  1. Rename it to start with you business service prefix
  2. Uncheck the 'SHARED-Business-Service
  3. Check your business service

Now find your newly-created z/OS Task and click on it to begin modifying it.

Make the following changes in the z/OS Details section:

Next to Credentials, add the Credentials object created above.

In the parameters section, modify the values to specify the Task Manager Jobgroup that you wish to submit.

You may pass up to 5 TaskMgr Overrides in your submission.  The parameters in Stonebranch for this are named *@ORNAME1, *@ORNAME2, etc. and *@ORVALUEn up to *@ORVALUE5.  These name value pairs will be passed to T7N$TASK in the OR-NAME and OR-VALUE arrays.  If you don't want to pass any overrides, remove the sample parameter entries.

You may also enter an alternate runclass for the submission, as well as specify if you want to suppress updates.  Again, remove the default parameter settings for *@RUNCLASS and *@SUPPRESSUPDATES if you prefer to ignore them.

You can specify Exit code processing if you want to trigger off of the successful submission of your jobgroup.  Any failure in the submission process will result in an abend of the Stonebranch-submitted task.

Do not modify the Automatic Output Retrieval and Automatic Output File entries, as these are designed to return any error codes from the submission, as well as the mainframe job number of the first submitted job in the JG.  These can be viewed in the Output section of any submitted task instance.

Click the Update button to save all your changes.

Execute and Test

At this point your task is ready to test.  Click the Launch Task button.

Follow the submission by clicking the Instances Tab, and then double-clicking the instance you just submitted.  The Output Tab will show you any errors that may have occurred, or the job number if successful.


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