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(Stonebranch) Environment Variables

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Article Number : KB0017438
Published on : 2020-01-13
Last modified : 2020-01-13 18:56:58
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


Variables used in Stonebranch add additional functionality to tasks, triggers and workflows. When a variable or function is specified in a free-text field, the Stonebranch Controller inserts its value into the field when the task or workflow is run.

Knowing the basic variable principles will help users create and launch Stonebranch tasks, triggers and workflows successfully. This troubleshooting guide will focus on basic variable functionality. For advanced features read the "Advanced Features" section on this guide.


  • Successfully on-boarded to the Service
  • A task/workflow/trigger created that will use variables


Getting Started - Guidelines

Variable Naming Conventions:

  • Variable names must begin with your assigned Designator: four letter Department Code, plus two-digit code (i.e. DEPT01).
  • Allowable characters are alphanumerics (upper or lower case) and underscore ( _ ) will be the only available character used as a separator. Do not use the hyphen ( - ) as a separator as it might cause some incompatibilities bringing undesired results.
  • White spaces-are not permitted.
  • Variable names are not case-sensitive.
  • Flexible description to further identify departmental data.
  • Do not use variables beginning with the name ops_, these are built in names reserved by Stonebranch.


Note: the * indicates the flexible description that might follow.

Variable Name: DEPT01_VAR_* 

Stonebranch Reserved Variables

Built-in variables are maintained by Universal Controller and provide information about task instances, agents, Universal Message Service (OMS), and cluster nodes. They can be used in free text fields in triggers, tasks, task actions, and email notifications for agents, OMS servers, and cluster nodes. 

To view the list and description of available built-in variables click here.

Format for Using Variables

To use a variable on a text field always precede the variable with the dollar sign ( $ ) and alwaysenclose the variable inside curly braces { }. The variable formatting will look like this: ${DEPT_01_VAR_*}.

Advanced Variable Features - Functions

Stonebranch offers advanced variable features that are intended for experienced users/developers. This topic is covered with greater detail on this guide provided by Stonebranch. The guide covers the following topics:

  • Conditional functions
  • Credential functions
  • Date functions
  • Mathematical functions
  • Output functions
  • SQL/Stored Procedure functions
  • String functions
  • System functions
  • Universal task functions
  • Web service functions



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