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(Stonebranch) Automation with Transfer

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Article Number : KB0017428
Published on : 2020-01-13
Last modified : 2020-01-13 19:04:38
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


Details information necessary to utilize Transfer with Stonebranch.


The ITS Transfer service is intended as a temporary holding area for files being transferred to or from an off-campus file server or host, or between on-campus hosts. Note that, with few exceptions, accounts on the Transfer server do not have shell access, so only file transfer and file monitor tasks will execute successfully.


Access a Transfer Agent:

What is required for a consumer to access the transfer agent?

A consumer must have an account on the Transfer server. These accounts are maintained by the ITS Administrative Systems team. Contact or for managing accounts on Transfer.

Calling to a Transfer Agent:

What does a customer need to do to schedule against the agent?

  1. Create a File Transfer task in the Stonebranch Universal Automation Controller (UAC) of type SFTP.
  2. Specify ‘ITSCOM_CLS_Transfer’ in the “Agent Cluster” field.
  3. Create a Credentials object in UAC with the account name and password for your Transfer account, and specify it in the “Credentials” field.
  4. Create a second Credentials object in UAC for the account on the remote (S)FTP server and specify it in the “FTP Credentials” field. This object may specify the account name and password on the (S)FTP server, as with other Credentials objects, or it may specify the path to a certificate file on the Transfer server.
  5. Complete other required fields on the task.

This task may be included in workflows or scheduled independently as with any other task type.

Transfer may also be specified as the remote server for File Transfer tasks scheduled on another agent. In this case, specify ‘’ in the “Remote Server” field, and specify the Credentials object with your Transfer account information in the “FTP credentials” field.

Issue Resolution with a Transfer Agent

Who does the customer need to contact if there is an issue with the transfer agent or their processes? or

Deprovisioning a Transfer User:

Who needs to be alerted if the consumer no longer needs their user account on Transfer? or


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