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EML Entitlement Exception for Email Eligibility

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Article Number : KB0017190
Published on : 2019-06-17
Last modified : 2019-06-17 12:46:05
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help



The EML entitlement grants Office 365 mailbox eligibility to users who are otherwise not eligible. The entitlement's intended use is to provide temporary, short-term mailbox access for a limited set of edge cases outside of the normal eligibility rules.

For faculty and staff expected to experience a gap in employment lasting longer than 30-45 days, the Office 365 team recommends the employee and/or technical support contact coordinate with Human Resource staff to establish on-going access to employee services within Workday.


Entitlement Request Process

EML entitlement requests can be submitted using the EML Entitlement Request Form. Requests must be submitted by the appropriate technical support contact (TSC). For assistance identifying a technical support contact, please call the Service Desk at (512) 475-9400 or send email to  All requests require an explanation of the business need for the entitlement.

A 30-day EML entitlement period will be automatically granted for accounts which have not had an active EML entitlement for the last 120 days.

Under certain circumstances, an account may receive a one-time extension to a 30-day EML entitlement period.  The request for an extension should be made by an appropriate TSC within 7 days before the entitlement expires.  If approved, the extension will be granted for 15 days.

Student employees who will be away for the summer may qualify for an entitlement to retain their work-related mailbox until the fall semester.  For this type of request, the TSC should choose the "Student Employee on Summer Leave" option on the form.  If approved, this type of request will be granted until October 1st.

 Mail-enabled Austin Active Directory accounts which are used as service accounts may qualify for an EML entitlement until an alternative solution is provided.  For this type of request, the TSC should choose the "Service Account" option on the form.  If approved, this type of request will be granted for a one-year period.

 All other requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis.  In the reason for the request, please include the period of time for which the entitlement is needed, along with the business justification.  Please note that the entitlement will not be granted for more than a one-year period.


Second Factor Authentication

Many tools for accessing Office 365 mailboxes, including the Office 365 Web Application, require second factor authentication.  Accounts requiring an EML entitlement may not be eligible to use the second factor authentication application Duo; this is true of EID accounts which have not been upgraded and which lack a future employee affiliation.  When granted an EML entitlement, these accounts will also require a second factor authentication exemption.

A second factor authentication exemption will be automatically granted to Duo-ineligible accounts approved for a 30-day EML entitlement period, a 15-day extension, or EML assignment for a service account.  Current students should be eligible to use the Duo application.  For other EML entitlement requests, if the account cannot use Duo authentication, the TSC will need to file a request for a second factor authentication exemption with the Information Security Office at the same time.  This form can be found at


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