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Office365: Duo login loops/repeated 2FA prompts/other issues on Outlook for Mac

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Article Number : KB0017157
Published on : 2022-01-06
Last modified : 2022-01-06 20:34:44
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

If you are experiencing strange log in behaviors in Outlook for Mac or login loops when logging in to a mailbox, we have had reports that the following can fix the issue:

  • Update your Mac Outlook client to the latest version (individually licensed Office 365 Suite is often versions ahead of site-licensed software ( > Office 365 Portal > Install Office)
  • Remove all the accounts from the Outlook desktop client, remove the Keychain login entries for Outlook and Office, and then add the accounts back in the Outlook desktop client
  • Make sure that "Ask me to choose an authentication method" is selected in the Duo management panel

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