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Importing UTmail email to a personal Gmail

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Article Number : KB0017016
Published on : 2020-06-18
Last modified : 2020-06-18 20:18:22
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

If you wish to move/import your email into your personal Gmail account from UTmail, you may do so via Google's integrated POP3 import tool.

    1. Navigate to your UTmail My Account settings and enable Allow less secure apps (requires disabling 2FA)
    2. Login into UTmail
    3. Click on your profile icon and then My Account
    4. Click on "Sign in & Security" and turn ON Allow less secure apps under Apps with account access (You will be unable to see this setting with multi-factor authentication enabled)

      ****If the above steps do not work or you receive an error, log in to your UTMail account and follow the instructions to "Create & Use App Passwords" at this link and continue to step 5

    5. In your personal Gmail email Settings, under Accounts and Import, configure Import mail and contacts
    6. Login to your personal Gmail
    7. Click on the gear icon and then settings
    8. Click on the Accounts and Import tab and then Import mail and contacts to open a pop-up window
    9. Use your UTmail credentials to complete the import prompt and select desired settings
      ****If you created an App Password instead of following steps 1-4, you will use your UTmail address and App Password to complete the import prompt
    10. Upon completion, you will see the following message:



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