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How to Import Scantron Scores into Gradebook

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Article Number : KB0016876
Published on : 2020-07-20
Last modified : 2020-07-20 15:54:33
Knowledge Base : Canvas Knowledge Base


How do I import Scantron scores into the Gradebook?




Step 1: Enable the Scanning Services LTI

  1. Within the course, go to Settings-> Navigation and move the Scanning Services option to the active navigation area
  2. Click Save

As the instructor, you will be able to see the Scanning Service tab in the left navigation of your course. Your students, however, will not be able to see it. 


Step 2: Create & Publish an Assignment

  1. Within the course, go to Assignments and create a new "No Submission" or "On Paper" Assignment
  2. Enter a Point value for the Assignment
  3. Don't forget to publish the assignment

This is important! You will not see the assignment in the wizard without a point value greater than 0


Step 3: Configure Upload of Scantron File

  1. Within the course, click Scanning Services and select "Upload scanned scores"
  2. Under published Assignment, select the assignment you want the scores to apply to
  3. Select points or percentages
  4. Browse to find the CSV file you received from Scanning Services
  5. Click Upload Scores
  6. Review the results once this process is completed
  7. Click OK to return to Scanning Services page


Detailed instructions and a photo tutorial for this process can be found HERE.







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