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How to Address Incompletes or Grade Changes after End of Term

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Article Number : KB0016846
Published on : 2020-07-20
Last modified : 2020-07-20 16:40:09
Knowledge Base : Canvas Knowledge Base


How do I address incomplete grades or needing grade changes after End of Term?



Addressing Grade Changes after End of Term:

You will need to extend the course end date in order to gain access to the gradebook. To do this after the end of term (when course has become read-only) contact the UT Service Desk or Canvas Support to re-open the course and apply a new end date. The course will typically be opened long enough for you to complete your changes and then return to read-only status. Keep in mind that once the course is re-opened, it is active for all of your students as well.


Addressing an Incomplete grade after End of Term:

To address a student with an Incomplete grade, we recommend a new Incomplete Section be created within your course. (email Canvas to make the request). Creating this section allows you to add the student in question and apply a specific end date that keeps the main course section locked while allowing the student to complete the relevant course work.


Note: In both cases, the grade changes you make in Canvas will still need to be reconciled with the Registrar to properly credit the student.









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