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Summer Camp ID Card Requests

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Article Number : KB0016843
Published on : 2018-04-11
Last modified : 2019-01-12 17:27:14
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To request UT ID cards for summer camp attendees, send the following information to .

  • Name of the sponsoring department responsible for the camp group
  • Describe why this group requires UT ID Cards
  • Beginning and ending dates of the camp
  • Account number to use for payment of the ID Cards
  • Contact information for two contacts responsible for the camp
  • Spreadsheet with a list of UT EIDs and names of the camp attendees (This list may be sent later if enrollment is ongoing, but please send the list at least 5 business days before the start date.)

Once the request is submitted, the ID Center will contact the camp sponsor to schedule a date for the camp attendees to go to the ID Card Center to receive their cards.



What kind of access will be provided?

Summer campers will be granted the “Official Visitor” EID affiliation, and will have access to:

  • ID Cards
  • University Wi-Fi
  • Canvas
  • UT Box
  • Capitol Metro bus service









If you have questions for the ID Center, email  


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