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Files: How to Upload Course Materials into Your Canvas Course

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Article Number : KB0016837
Published on : 2020-07-20
Last modified : 2020-07-20 21:01:51
Knowledge Base : Canvas Knowledge Base


How do I upload course materials into my Canvas course?



Files (located in the course navigation menu) is where you can upload your course documents, images, and other media files that you want to share with your students.




You can add a document to your course by uploading a file. You can also import files using the course import tool in Course Settings.

As an instructor, you can drag and drop files from your personal files into course files.

Note: Video and audio uploads to Canvas through the media tool can be up to 500 MB in size.


  1. In Course Navigation, click the Files link.
  2. Click the Upload button.
  3. When the Open File dialog opens, click the title of the file you want to upload and click the Open button.
  4. Once uploaded, files can be linked for download in Modules and embedded in Pages. 


A photo tutorial with additional methods for uploading content can be found here. 





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