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What user roles and permissions are available in Canvas?

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Article Number : KB0016833
Published on : 2020-07-20
Last modified : 2020-07-20 21:31:01
Knowledge Base : Canvas Knowledge Base


What user roles and permissions are available in Canvas?



Course-level roles are roles with permissions set at the course level. Usually these roles cannot see more than what is in the course.



Canvas provides five base roles that each include a set of default permissions that can be applied via the +People menu:

  • Teachers are basically course admins and have control over the course. However, like all the roles, they can be used as a different type of user, if need be.
  • TAs are very similar to teachers in the sense of permissions, except TAs are unable to add other TAs or Teachers.

  • Designers have access to the course content, creating discussions, announcements, assignments, quizzes, and other content filled features. Designers cannot access grades. 

  • Students have the ability to submit assignments and post to discussions. Some students may have other permissions bestowed upon them, if the Teacher gives them more permissions, like to ability to create student groups, post to announcements, or edit a content page.

  • Observers have the least amount of permissions. They can view content but cannot participate (submit assignments or post to discussions).

 More information on roles within Canvas and associated administrative privileges can be found here.



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