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Adding People to Canvas

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Article Number : KB0016799
Published on : 2020-09-01
Last modified : 2020-09-01 20:40:16
Knowledge Base : Canvas Knowledge Base


How do I add users (TAs, Students, Auditors) to Canvas?



We create Canvas user accounts for all future and current faculty, staff, and students and proposed faculty. Students are automatically enrolled in their courses by the Registrar's Office. However, you may wish to add TAs to assist with your class, an Instructional Designer to help load content, co-teachers or even auditors/observers who you'd like to view your class but not participate directly.



This can be done by going to your course and then selecting "People" from the left-hand course navigation. Once there, select "+People" to launch the Add People pop-out.

Select the method you wish to add users by (UT EID is preferred over Email Address) and then add their information in the available text box; separate multiple entries with a "," or copy and paste a column from Excel.

Now select the role you wish to apply to the person(s) and the section that applies to them. Once this is done, select "Next." Verify the individual(s) and click "Done" and the person(s) will be added to the course.


Note: Groups of people will all be added to the same Role, so if you need to apply specific roles you must group them accordingly before finalizing enrollment. 


Important: If you receive an error message when attempting to add an individual, verify their UT EID. If it is correct, please contact the UT Service Desk. Non-UT affiliated users will need an entitlement to access Canvas. - this includes guests and visitors.



Adding an Observer vs. Adding a Student

  • Observer - (also referred to as an Auditor) allows someone to be enrolled in your course and view content as a student, but they cannot engage in the course, such as submit assignments/post to discussions.

  • Student - a student can interact with the course as is it is designed and their participation is reflected in the gradebook alongside other students.

    • Important: If you have added an auditor as a student so they may interact with course, they should be removed from the course before final grade submission to avoid grading issues.

Additional details and a comprehensive photo tutorial can be found HERE.

Additional details regarding roles and permissions within Canvas can be found HERE.




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