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As an Instructor, how do I find Student ID information in a University of Texas Canvas Course?

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Article Number : KB0016793
Published on : 2019-07-16
Last modified : 2019-07-16 13:06:05
Knowledge Base : Canvas Knowledge Base


As an instructor, how do I find a student's UT EID information in a University of Texas Canvas course?



A Student's UT EID information can be viewed in the People tool within your course, but it is not exportable from there. If you click on People, in the course navigation menu you can see UT EIDs under the SIS ID column.

UT EIDs are displayed in the Canvas gradebook, under "Secondary ID," and are exportable. In the export file there is a column titled “SIS User ID" that has the student's UT EID.

Note: any information in the Notes column will not be exported.  
Information on Exporting Gradebooks can be found in the Canvas documentation, but we have also detailed the process on viewing the student ID information in the gradebook export HERE.




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