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Why can't I use my UT EID and password to login to UT Lists?

Number of views : 95
Article Number : KB0016739
Published on : 2023-04-26
Last modified : 2023-04-26 15:01:55
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

There are several reasons that your UT EID is not used as your logon identifier for the UT Lists mailing list service:

  • Individuals who do not have a UT EID may need to use the mailing lists.
  • People may wish to use multiple e-mail addresses for their mailing list activities. Using e-mail addresses as logon identifiers makes this possible.

Reminder: as a security precaution to avoid inadvertently revealing your EID password as you use UT Lists, do not use your EID password for your UT Lists account.


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