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How do I re-add global gauges to my homepage if I accidentally delete them?

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Article Number : KB0016638
Published on : 2019-02-20
Last modified : 2020-05-06 21:51:29
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

It's easy to accidentally delete a gauge from your Fulfiller or Service Desk Homepage. You can use this page to reference the names of the global gauges and how to re-add them to your homepage.

To add a gauge:

From your homepage, click Add Content

In the popup, navigate to the report or gauge you would like to add (instructions for navigating to each gauge below)

Click Add Here to place the gauge on your homepage. Exit out of the popup.


Default Fulfiller Homepage Gauges:

My Work

Reports > Task > Global - My Work


My Groups Work - Assigned

Reports > Task > My Groups Work - Assigned


My Groups Work - Unassigned

Reports > Task > My Groups Work - Unssigned


My Groups Work - In Progress

Reports > Task > My Groups Work - In Progress


My Groups Work - Aged Tickets

Reports > Task SLA > My Groups Work - Aged Tickets


Default Service Desk Homepage Gauges:


Contacts Assigned to Me

Reports > Call > Contacts Assigned to Me


Assigned Contacts

Reports > Call > Assigned Contacts


Unassigned Contacts

Reports > Call > Unassigned Contacts 


Tickets Updated After Closure Last 60

Reports > Task >Tickets Updated After Closure Last 60



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