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Incidents: Subtasks

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Article Number : KB0016621
Published on : 2021-05-04
Last modified : 2021-05-04 14:44:10
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

In some cases you may have a need to create Tasks tied to Incidents rather than Requests. For example, if a task needs to be completed in order to move forward with Incident resolution.

Incident Subtasks allow you to create and assign Tasks that are tied to the original Incident.

To create an incident subtask:

Fill in all required fields on the Incident form. Place the Incident in the appropriate State and verify it is assigned appropriately before proceeding. Incidents in New state cannot generate subtasks.

Navigate to the tabbed options at the bottom of the Incident Form. Click on the Incident Tasks tab and select New.

You will be directed to the Incident Task form. Fill out the form accordingly. Assignment Group and Short Description are required. Click Save or Submit.

The Incident Task will now display a link back to its parent Incident.

The Incident form will also contain a link to the Incident Subtask, found in the Incident Subtask menu.

Please note: The Incident cannot be resolved until all related Subtasks are closed.

Fulfillers can complete an Incident Task the same way a Catalog Item (Request) Task is completed. Incident Tasks will appear on global homepage gauges and work queues.

Once the Incident Subtask is completed, the fulfiller assigned to the Incident will see the state of the Task updated and can move forward with Resolving the Incident.

Reporting on Incident Subtasks

Incident Subtasks are included in the Task table for reporting purposes. They can also be reported on using their own table, the Incident Task table.

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