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Managing an existing Departmental Share

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Article Number : KB0016412
Published on : 2023-09-07
Last modified : 2023-09-07 21:09:11
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

To manage an existing departmental share, navigate to the Austin Disk service page and select Request

  1. Select the radio button labeled Modify.
  2. If you're trying to cancel an existing share, answer Yes; otherwise, answer No.
  3. Using the Share Name field, find the share you'd like manage.
    • You must be listed as a billing or technical contact on the share before you can request changes.
  4. Fill out the required and optional fields on the form:
    • Share Size (in multiples of 50 GB)
    • Additional comments
  5. Select Order Now.
    • Billing and refunds for changes to your share are pro-rated monthly, including the full month for which the change was requested.
  6. Once your request has been completed by the Austin Disk team, you will receive an email notification.

Note: Some fields cannot be changed from within this form:

  • Share Name
  • 10-digit financial account number
  • Department code
  • Billing Contact EID
  • Two EIDs for technical contacts
  • Technical contact email address (used for technical announcements) 
  • Active Directory Group

To request changes to these fields, use the additional comments field or email

Note: It may take up to 5 business days to process the request in order to allocate sufficient storage.




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