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Incident States Not Appearing on Report Filters

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Article Number : KB0016393
Published on : 2021-03-29
Last modified : 2021-03-29 14:36:43
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

When reporting on the Task Table and filtering by State, some incident states will not appear on the dropdown menu of available states. This is because we are using some custom Incident states that have different descriptors on the Task Table than they do on the Incident Table.

A state that has one name on the Incident table has an entirely different name on the Task table, and the report filter currently requires you to know the Task state that correlates with the Incident state you need to filter on. This only applies to reports on the Task table. Reports run on the Incident table will display the appropriate Incident states.

Use the table below as a reference for which task states correlate with which incident states.

Incident State

(May Not Appear in Filter)

CorrespondingTask State

(Appears in Filter)

Pending Change Closed Abandoned
Resolved Deferred
Pending Problem Closed Complete
Pending Vendor Completed
Closed Closed Skipped
Assigned Work In Progress
New Open
Work in Progress Closed Incomplete
Customer Responded Customer Responded
Pending Customer Pending Customer
Referred Referred


Please note that some states are active states on an Incident but not on a Catalog Task (i.e. Closed Complete, Closed Incomplete). If you wish to report only on active states, a better option might be to use "Active is TRUE" filter.

Alternately, you could set up a filter that separates by Task Type. Example filter:


Task Type is Catalog Task

State is one of Open, Work in Progress, Pending


Task Type is Incident

State is one of Open, Work in Progress, Closed Incomplete, Customer Responded, Pending Customer, Completed, Closed Complete, Closed Abandoned


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