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UT WordPress Theme on UBS User Documentation

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Article Number : KB0015821
Published on : 2023-12-07
Last modified : 2023-12-07 17:22:24
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The UT WordPress Theme is a customized version of the Genesis Education Pro Theme by StudioPress, explicitly designed for WordPress site developers on campus. Its primary goal is to offer a WordPress theme that incorporates standardized University brand elements and enhances accessibility compliance while still giving developers complete customization control. Best of all, it is free to the UT community.

Features Included:

  1. Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin
  2. WordPress Responsive Menu Pro Plugin
  3. Font Awesome
  4. CharisSIL Font 
This guide provides instructions on editing various UT WordPress Theme elements for existing UBS sites. These elements comprise of Plugins, Post & Category, Genesis Responsive Slider, Menu, Widgets, and WordPress Responsive Menu Pro.



LinkedIn Learning is an online platform that provides access to various technical, business, and creative courses. It covers a wide range of topics catering to all expertise levels. Among the courses offered are various WordPress modules that range from basic to more complex subjects.


Once you’ve received notification that your UBS site has been created, a few first steps should be completed to begin customizing the default settings.

1. Customizing the UT Theme Header Logo

Open the “Header Logo” section in the site customizer and manage your logo configurations with the following fields.

Header Logo

The header logo appears in the top left-hand corner underneath the UT Branding Bar. This theme defaults to the UT Logo. You can change the logo by including the URL of an image. It can be from your Media Library or one hosted elsewhere. The maximum pixel size for this image is 700W x 60H.

To use an image from your Media Library:

  • Select Media -> Library from the left side menu of your site dashboard.
  • Select an image and copy the ‘File URL’ from the ‘Save’ box on the right side of the page.
  • Paste that URL into the “Header Logo URL” field in the Customizer.

If left blank, the image will default to the UT Logo included with this theme.

Header Logo Alt Text

Set the desired Logo alt text. For accessibility compliance, all images should contain alt text.  If this field is blank, the alt text will default to “The University of Texas at Austin.”

Header Logo Link

If you change the logo, you must also change the URL the logo links. Use the full URL when updating this field (ex:



2. Setting up the Navigation Menu

Edit the Menu
You can edit the default menu or create a new one.

Appearance > Menus > 

  • Enter menu name here: TopNav or name of your choice > Create Menu
  • Menu Settings > Check Primary Navigation Menu
  • You can add Pages, Posts, Custom Links or Categories as Menu Items.



3. Setting up the Hero Image and Lead Story for the Homepage

Create "Lead Story” category 
Posts > Category 

  • Name: Lead Story
  • Slug: lead-story
  • Parent: none
  • Description: This creates the Slider or "Hero Image" post on the Homepage.

Create Lead Story Post
Posts > Add New

NOTE: The Featured Image for the Lead Story/Hero Image on the homepage must be 1600w x 460h

  • Title: Enter your title
  • Categories > Check: Lead Story
  • Content: Add content
  • Featured Image > Set featured image > Upload a 1600w x 460h image
    Set TITLE: 
    Set ALT:
  • Click Publish

NOTE: The “Lead Story” category with the most recent date will always show as the Hero Image/Lead Story. If you have an older post that you now want as the Lead Story/Hero Image, change the date of your post to make it the most recent post. Another way to control this is by changing the category that is being pulled in Genesis Responsive Slider.

Genesis Slider Settings
Genesis > Slider Settings

  • Type of Content > By Taxonomy and Terms > Choose a term to determine what slides to include: Lead Story
  • Number of Slides to Show: 1
  • Content Settings > Check these:
    Display Post/Page Title in Slider
    Display Content in Slider
    Hide Title & Content on Mobile Devices
  • More Text (if applicable): Change "Continue Reading” to “Read More"
  • Excerpt Location (vertical): Bottom

Set Widgets for Slider
Appearance > Widgets

  • Move Genesis Responsive Slider to Home - Featured



4. Default Settings for Widgets

These widgets are examples of what you can do for the sidebar. Feel free to edit, delete, and add new.

WIDGET AREA: Header Right

  • Search
     No Title

WIDGET AREA: Primary Sidebar

  • Recent Posts
    No Title

    Number of Posts to Show: 3
    Display post date: checked


WIDGET AREA: Home Featured

Genesis - Responsive Slider

NOTE: This widget must be present in Home Featured for the Hero Image/Lead Story to appear as it does in the demo.

  • No Title

WIDGET AREA: Footers 1, 2, 3

  • Text Box


  • Simple Social Icons

5. Responsive Menu Pro Settings

NOTE: Change this setting: Responsive Menu Pro > Header Bar & Themes

This setting creates the Header Bar Logo (the same image as the Site Logo in the top left-hand corner) when the page responds to mobile sizes.

Responsive Menu Pro > Header Bar & Themes

Header Bar

  • Check: Create header bar for use with Responsive Menu
  • Enter the URL you use for the Site Logo here: Header Bar Logo
  • /: Header Bar Logo Link
  • 50px: Header Bar Height
  • #ffffff: Header Bar Background Colour






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