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Additional Comments and Work Notes in Incidents and Tasks

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Article Number : KB0015766
Published on : 2021-05-04
Last modified : 2021-05-04 15:29:57
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

Following the Helsinki upgrade in UT ServiceNow (May 2017), the functionality for updating Additional Comments and Work Log on Incidents and Tasks/Request Items is somewhat different.

Toggling Between Work Notes and Additional Comments

By default, a ticket will display a text field for Additional Comments. Clicking the Work Log checkbox will toggle the text field to Work Notes.

Viewing/Updating Additional Comments and Work Notes Simultaneously

If you prefer seeing two separate text fields for Additional Comments and Work Notes, click the Show All Journal Fields icon .

If you select this option, the system will remember it as your default preference for viewing the journal fields unless you manually change it.

Please Note: If you enter text in the Additional Comments / Work Notes field before selecting Show All Journal Fields, the text will disappear when the form toggles to display both fields.

If you click Show All Journal Fields again to toggle back to a single field, your text will reappear. If you want to reopen both fields and use text you've already entered, you can copy the text before opening both fields, then paste it into the appropriate field. This is a core ServiceNow functionality that we are unable to adjust.

Using the POST button

You can use the Post button to submit an update to the Work Notes or Additional Comments on a ticket without navigating to Save or Submit. Using will automatically save your journal updates to the ticket. You can navigate away from the ticket safely.

If you make any additional changes to other areas of the ticket (state, assignment group, etc.) you will need to select Save or Submit for those additional changes to be saved.

If you have posted an update directly to the journal, then attempt to save or submit a ticket, you will receive a popup message warning you that the ticket has been updated since you opened it (referring to your own journal post) and asking if you would like to override all non-journal related changes. After verifying the EID shown on the popup is your own, you can say OK to bypass this message. (Learn more about the Overwrite Warning Popup.)

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