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QWS3270 Secure Keyboard Shortcuts

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Article Number : KB0015758
Published on : 2019-01-29
Last modified : 2019-01-29 18:17:31
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

 The QWS3270 Secure client software used by Windows users to access the Administrative Computer System (Mainframe) has a plethora of keyboard shortcuts available. Some common shortcuts are listed below:


ALT + O (the letter o) will open the Options drop-down list

ALT + O followed by ALT + S will open the Session Options for Default dialog box

ALT + T will open the Tools drop-down list

ALT + H will open the Help drop-down list

ALT + H followed by ALT + K will open the Keyboard Mapping dialog box which displays all the built-in keyboard shortcut combinations


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UT Service Desk 475-9400

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