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TN3270 Download and Install the TN3270 software

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Published on : 2019-08-21
Last modified : 2019-08-21 13:25:48
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Special Note concerning Catalina and Mainframe Access - This article should be viewed by all desktop support staff.


3270 - A family of IBM terminals, printers and other peripheral devices that attach to mainframe systems. The earliest terminals were the IBM 3277 and 3278--hence the "3270" family designation. Telnet 3270, or TN3270 describes either the process of sending and receiving 3270 data streams using the Telnet protocol or the software that emulates a 3270 class terminal that communicates using that process. TN3270 allows a 3270 terminal emulator to communicate over a TCP/IP network. Standard telnet clients cannot be used as a substitute for TN3270 clients, as they use fundamentally different techniques for exchanging data.

Simplified: A 3270 Emulator is a computer program that duplicates the functions of an IBM 3270 mainframe computer terminal on a Windows or Macintosh computer.

Use the links below to download the TN3270 software. Please Note:You may be prompted for Administrative access. If you do not have Administrative access to your University computer, contact your local departmental IT staff for assistance.

TN3270 for use on Windows

TN3270 for use on Macintosh

TN3270 for use on Linux

New to using the Mainframe ?

How to connect to the Mainframe via TN3270 on Windows

How to connect to the Mainframe via TN3270 on Macintosh

Connecting to the Mainframe from Off-Campus

Need TN3270 information click here. See breakdown of available information below:

  • Getting Started - Minimum System Requirements for using TN3270 to connect to the Mainframe
  • Service Management - Changing Default TN3270 settings
  • Faculty and Staff Only - Login Required - Downloading TN3270, connection use, dealing with prominent error messages


Need General Mainframe information or assistance click here.

If you encounter an error message once you have successfully logged on to the Mainframe visit the Errors page 


Questions, need assistance, contact the UT Service Desk (512)475-9400 (Hours)

History Lesson: The TN3270 software replaces what was known as the "Dumb Terminal" used by mainframe users back in the day. See the image below of a "Dumb Terminal".






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