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Office 365: Applications, Eligibility, and Access

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Article Number : KB0015714
Published on : 2021-08-18
Last modified : 2021-08-18 15:51:18
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Office 365 @ UT

Learn about the various applications you have access to at Office 365 @ UT.

Service Eligibility
Current Student Current Employee Future Employee
Access (PC only)
Audio Conferencing* ᵃ⁵
Bookings* ᵃ⁵
Excel (ProPlus)
Exchange* Eligible to self-provision
OneNote (ProPlus)
Outlook (ProPlus)
Power Apps ᵃ⁵
Power Automate / Flow
Power BI ᵃ⁵
Power Bi Desktop (Free)
PowerPoint (ProPlus)
Project Online
Premium service available for purchase
Publisher (PC only)
School Data Sync
Visio Online
Premium service available for purchase
Word (ProPlus)

* Requires Exchange mailbox
ᵃ⁵ Requires being in a position eligible for A5 licensing

What am I licensed for?

Office 365 online suite is available to current students, faculty, and staff of the university to install on up to 5 personal devices free of charge, using their, or address and password. 

1. Visit 

2. Select Office 365 Portal to view applications available to you for download and use

3. Click Explore all your apps to view additional applications available to you

Office 365 @ UT

The best resource for students, faculty, and staff for information on UT's implementation of Office 365 is "Office 365 @ UT" ( It contains how-to's, use cases, and loads of other information about the product.

Missing a product license?

 Please contact the UT Service Desk at or by calling 512-475-9400 with any problems, questions, or concerns. 

Additional Help & Resources

 Check out Microsoft training and support documentation in the links below for FAQs, training resources, and tutorials!



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