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Email: Ensuring high deliverability

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Article Number : KB0015689
Published on : 2021-03-15
Last modified : 2021-03-15 15:13:05
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

From Pantheon's Platform Considerations: "Because of the cloud-based nature of Pantheon's infrastructure, we cannot ensure high-deliverability email originating from your Application Containers, as they have no fixed location. While all sites have access to a local Postfix service for testing and development, we recommend using an external SMTP gateway (SendGrid, for example) in production to ensure that your email is delivered".

The best way to set this up is using authenticated SMTP via the campus, then using the appropriate Wordpress/Drupal plugin to send the application's mail to this external server.

Step 1: Request a Service EID

Request form:

You will need to provide:

  • A department code
  • Service name
  • EIDs of two technical contacts

Additional items to consider:

  • Do you need access to student/employee/ID Card Data?
  • Do you plan to integrate with Mulesoft/Rabbit MQ?
  • Please explain how you will use the Service EID.

Step 2: Whitelist Service EID

Send an email along the following lines to


Please grant service EID, <eid>, rights to use  This is for <Pantheon site> hosted on Pantheon.


Step 3: Configure website to use external SMTP gateway.


Pantheon recommends using the SMTP Authentication Support Module.  After enabling the module, enter the following as a new "provider" at /admin/config/system/smtp 


Backup server N/A
Username Service EID
Password Service EID password
SMTP Port 25
 Use encrypted Yes (TLS only, no SSL)



Pantheon recommends using the WP Mail SMTP plugin.  After activating the plugin, set the following values in Settings -> WP Mail SMTP and save.


Mailer Other SMTP
SMTP Port 25 
Encryption TLS
Authentication On
SMTP Username Service EID
SMTP Password Service EID password



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