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Email Intake in ServiceNow

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Article Number : KB0015660
Published on : 2021-04-26
Last modified : 2021-04-26 12:28:56
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

Before forwarding into ServiceNow

Contacts, Requests and Incidents can be created via email intake into ServiceNow. In order to configure email intake for ticket creation into ServiceNow, a few questions need to be answered:

1. Do you already have an email that you would like to use that is used solely for ticket creation?  Every email that comes to this address will create a ticket.

2. Do you know how to set up forwarding for this address? See the below section on forwarding steps if using O365, UTLists, or TRAC.  Contact your System Administrator or TSC with any questions.
3. Will the inbound email create a Contact, Incident or generic Request?

4. Are you using a web form, such as Qualtrics, Google Forms, etc.?
In order to capture the user in the requested for field, you will need to include in the body of your email on a separate line:
requestedforeid: {eidofuser}
Example:  requestedforeid: as77433
Mail forwarding will also need to be set up on the address you  are sending the Qualtrics form to. By default, Qualtrics sends from:, you need to send to: the email usedfor ticket creation, and have forwarding set up on that address.  The ServiceNow team can assist in walking the Qualtrics form owner through this process.

5. Do you have an assignment group set up?
6. Do you want to test in a lower environment first?

Forwarding into ServiceNow


Add to subscribers for the email/list that is being forwarded to ServiceNow. 

Email For Go Live

  1. From the Administrative Options, select View or Manage Subscribers

       2. Add as the forwarding address.


     3. had been added as the forwarding address





If you have full access rights to an inbox, or are the administrator you can forward directly from Office 365 ( You do not need to keep a copy of forwarded messages in your inbox for this method as ServiceNow has it’s own inbox that keeps messages.



If you are not the Office365 administrator and do not know the credentials to the inbox, you (or your TRAC Sponsor) can go through TRAC to configure to send to ServiceNow. 

Locate the email address you would like to configure for forwarding and navigate to the mail forwarding page in TRAC.  

You do not need to keep a copy of forwarded messages in your inbox for this method as ServiceNow has it’s own inbox that keeps messages. Enter the email address and TRAC will prepend the protocol (smtp) once you’ve clicked “Add Forward” 

To un-do this, or forward to a different address, you’ll first remove the forward, then add the new one. 


If you need any assistance or have any questions regarding email intake into ServiceNow, please place a request via the Service Catalog to the ServiceNow team. 

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