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Google Analytics Guide

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Article Number : KB0015479
Published on : 2023-08-22
Last modified : 2023-08-22 14:59:43
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


This post will walk you through getting your site up with Google Analytics and properly configured. Let's get started!

Before beginning, please be sure to review the best practices policy for the use of analytics on campus. Ensure that you have the following before beginning to configure your blog site:

• Site administrator credentials for a University Blog Service blog
• A Gmail account

First, create a Google Account. This can be your own personal Gmail/Google account if you have one. For departmental blogs or sites with multiple administrators, we do strongly recommend that a new Google Account be created for the group and that the credentials be shared in Stache with fellow administrators.

Next, log into the Google Analytics page,, using the blog's Google Account.

  • Click "Sign Up"
  • Fill out the New Account details using your blog information
  • And select "Get tracking ID"


Next log into the Dashboard for your WordPress blog site. Perform the following actions after logging in:

• Click on “Plugins” in the left hand menu.
• Look for a plugin named “Google Analytics for WordPress.”
• Click on the “Activate” link under it.

The Dashboard will refresh once the plugin had been successfully activated. At this point the plugin will need to be configured to follow the best practices for Google Analytics use on campus.

• Click on the “Insights” in the left hand menu, then on “Settings” link underneath.
• Click "Authenticate with your Google account" and provide the email used to create your google analytics profile
• Copy the code provided and paste into the open box in your site dashboard
• Click on "Save changes".



  • Select your site from the "Select Profile" dropdown


  • Click "Save Changes"


That’s it! You’re done! If you should have any questions, please feel free to send a quick email to





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