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How to create a custom SharePoint list

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Article Number : KB0015333
Published on : 2019-09-30
Last modified : 2020-05-06 21:51:18
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help





 You want to create a new list with general information or have the ability to customize the information





Step 1. Click on settings gear on top right
Step 2. Select 'Add an app'
Step 3. Under the 'Noteworthy' section click on the bold 'Custom List'
Step 4. Choose one of the following:

(a) Provide a name and click 'Create'
(b) Click 'Advanced Options' and provide

Name - Type a new name as you want it to appear in headings and links throughout the site. Type descriptive text that will help site visitors use this list.

Step 5. You will have the ability to modify the list





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