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HTML in Incident and Request Comments

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Article Number : KB0015207
Published on : 2021-07-16
Last modified : 2021-07-16 14:59:08
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

There are situations when, as a fulfiller, you might want to include links or other HTML formatting in your communications to customers. There are two ways to do this:

Toggle HTML Field on Incident Form

You can enable an HTML field on the Incident form by clicking HTML Comments from the Notes tab. This opens up an HTML user interface for the Additional Comments field only.

Before using this feature, please note that selecting this option hides the Work Notes field and removes the ability to save your comments from within the Notes - you must click Save or Submit from the top or bottom of the Incident form. You cannot update Additional Comments and Work Notes simultaneously when the HTML field is enabled. This is a technical limitation.

Deselecting the HTML Comments box will return you to the original Additional Comments & Work Notes screen.

The HTML Comments box overrides the original additional comments text box! If you write an entire message in additional comments and then switch over to HTML Comments, your original text in the additional comments box will be deleted. IF you wrote a message already and want to add HTML, make sure to copy your text to paste it into the new HTML Comments box!




Use HTML Tags

This option allows you to include HTML in the Additional Comments field on both Incidents and Requests. It is recommended only to use this on Requests since Incidents have a built-in HTML Additional Comments option (see above). This option will only work on Incidents if you do not have the HTML Additional Comments field enabled.

By default the Additional Comments field on Requests (RTIM, Task) does not interpret HTML, but by using the [code] tag you can alert the system to do so. You do need to know basic html tags and be able to enter them manually.

Here's an example:


Hi Steve,

You can learn more about UT by visiting (a href="") the UT website(/a).




Please note: "(" is used instead of "<" in the example above so the html code is visible. The use of the brackets "[ ]", however,  is exactly how the tag should be entered in the Additional Comments field.

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