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Contacting the ServiceNow Team

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Article Number : KB0015088
Published on : 2021-11-11
Last modified : 2021-11-11 21:15:44
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

If you need to report an issue with ServiceNow, have ideas for enhancements to ServiceNow, are interested in using ServiceNow within your department/CSUs, or have questions or requests for the ServiceNow team, please submit them through the following links:

Report a Problem with ServiceNow (Fulfillers)

Create an Incident in ServiceNow describing the issue and assign it to ITS-CSOL-ServiceNow.

Report a Problem with ServiceNow (End Users)

Submit a Ticket describing the issue on the UT ServiceNow website.


On-boarding is used if your department would like to use ServiceNow to track incidents or request, or to use other applications in the ServiceNow tool.

Use the Customer On-Boarding Form to contact the ServiceNow team for on-boarding.


If your department is already using ServiceNow but needs an update to data, forms, or workflows, submit a consult request to the ServiceNow team.



Ideation is used to submit ideas for future updates to ServiceNow that are unrelated to existing data, forms, and workflows your department is already using in ServiceNow. When submitting ideas, include as much information as possible about your idea, including a use case if possible. The more details we have, the more quickly we can assess the feasibility of implementing your idea.

Submit an Idea for Enhancements to ServiceNow


Add a New Service

Add a New Service to ServiceNow


Changing Permissions or Assignment Groups

Request Changes to Permissions or Assignment Groups


General Inquires

General Inquiries


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