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Creating or Editing a Knowledge Article: Fulfillers

Number of views : 652
Article Number : KB0015042
Published on : 2021-04-28
Last modified : 2021-04-28 15:21:44
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

Creating New Knowledge Articles

As a fulfiller, you can create a new knowledge article by navigating to Self-Service > Knowledge.

From the Knowledge Base homepage, click Create an Article.

The knowledge creation form will open.

The system will automatically assign a number to the Knowledge Article. 

Select the Knowledge Base the article should be in. Learn More: Selecting Knowledge Base, Category and Configuration Item.

Choose the proper Category for the article within the selected base. Learn More: Selecting Knowledge Base, Category and Configuration Item.

If appropriate, select a Configuration Item (Service) that the article relates to. Learn More: Selecting Knowledge Base, Category and Configuration Item.

The Article Owner field determines who receives email notifications when the article reaches its Valid To review date. It is also used as a point of reference for who to contact regarding questions about the article. If not Article Owner is designated, the Knowledge Base Manager(s) will receive notifications about the article.

By default the Valid To date will be set to six months from the date of creation. This can be manually changed to an earlier or later date.

Select Attachment Link if you would like the link to the article to open directly to an attachment file. (Functional on Fulfiller view of the article only.) Learn more: Linking to Attachment Files.

Select Display Attachments if you would like links to view/download attachments displayed at the bottom of the article. (Functional on Fulfiller view of the article only.) Learn more: Linking to Attachment Files.

Enter a Short Description for the article.

Enter the full Text for the article; you may use the available editing tools or select < > to edit the source code html directly. Learn more about formatting knowledge article content: Content Editing Style Guide and Tutorial.

Use the Internal Only Info box to include comments on public-facing articles that should only be visible to users with ITIL (Fulfiller) permissions.

Images can be added by dragging and dropping image files onto the knowledge article form, then clicking the Insert/Modify Image button on the user interface and selecting Attachment from the Image Type menu to browse uploaded images. You can also attach images manually using the New Attachment Image option in the Insert/Modify image box. Learn more: Linking to Attachment Files.

Complete the Meta tags section as needed. Include keywords that aren't already in the description or text of your article. Learn more: Meta Tag Guidelines.

Save or Submit the article to save it as a draft. Draft knowledge articles can be viewed or edited by the author by navigating to Self Service > My Knowledge Articles.

Once the article is complete, select Publish to publish the article or submit it for review (the workflow depends on the base where the article is submitted).

If you are the Knowledge Base Owner or Manager, you can self-approve articles you submit. See: Self-Approving Published Knowledge Articles.

Editing Published Knowledge Articles

As a fulfiller, you can edit a knowledge article by clicking the Edit button at the top of any article. You must be logged in to the fulfiller view of ServiceNow for this option to be available.

If an article is already being edited by someone else but the updates have not been published, you will not have the option to edit it. You will receive a message linking to the draft version of the article containing the in-progress updates.

The in-progress versions of articles are only visible to fulfillers, not end users.

Click Checkout to open the article editor. This creates a new version of the article for you to edit, while the original stays published and in circulation. Once your edited version is approved, it will replace the original in circulation.

Follow the instructions under Creating a New Knowledge Article to edit the article.

Once submitted, the edit may be published immediately or sent to a Knowledge Manager / Service Owner for review, depending on the settings of the base the article lives in.

If you are the Knowledge Base Owner or Manager, or a Service Owner on the IT Public Base, you can self-approve articles you edit. See: Self-Approving Published Knowledge Articles.

Video Tutorial

Please note: This video tutorial does not include the Checkout step when editing a knowledge article. See Editing Published Knowledge Articles above for more information on article checkout.


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