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Knowledge Base Permissions

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Article Number : KB0015039
Published on : 2021-05-04
Last modified : 2021-05-04 14:56:43
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

Knowledge permissions are prioritized at the Knowledge Base level in ServiceNow, meaning all articles within a given base will have the same set of permissions. Individual articles within a Base can have unique permissions, but those permissions are impacted by the Knowledge Base permissions (see Knowledge Article Level Permissions below).

Knowledge Base permissions operate under different settings than other applications in ServiceNow that permission based on individual or assignment group. 

The Knowledge Base Owner and Knowledge Manager(s) are individual selections. Any fulfiller within ServiceNow can be designated as a Base Owner or Manager by the current Knowledge Base Owner or the Knowledge Admin on the ServiceNow Team. Knowledge Base Owners and Knowledge Managers always have view/contribute permissions for the Knowledge Base that override any other Knowledge Base or Knowledge Article permissions as described below.

Can Read and Can Contribute permissions are set by User Criteria groups. User Criteria groups can contain any combination of individuals, assignment groups, or departments. Knowledge User Criteria groups can only be created by the ServiceNow Team. Once the group is created, any Knowledge Base Owner can use any existing user criteria group to set up the Can Read and Can Contribute permissions on their base or the Can Read and Cannot Read permissions on individual articles.

Knowledge Permissions Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of what privileges each knowledge role provides.

Knowledge Base Permissions:

Knowledge Base Owner

  • Manages knowledge base settings, permissions, and categories
  • Approves and publishes submitted articles
  • Creates and submits content
  • Views content

Knowledge Base Manager

  • Approves and publishes submitted articles
  • Creates and submits content
  • Views content

Knowledge Base Contributor

  • Creates and submits content
  • Views content

Knowledge Base Viewer

  • Views content

Knowledge Article Level Permissions:

Can Read

  • Can read article if user criteria group also has contribute and/or read permission on the knowledge base

Cannot Read

  • Cannot read article if user criteria group does not have contribute permission on the Knowledge Base
  • Can read if user criteria group has contribute permission on the Knowledge Base (even if group is designated as Cannot Read at article level)

Knowledge Permissions Flowchart:

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