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The Importance of Logging Off

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Article Number : KB0014975
Published on : 2020-09-08
Last modified : 2020-09-08 14:06:05
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help


When you log on with your UT EID and password, the system automatically knows who you are. As long as you are logged in, any actions taken using your EID are attributed to YOU. This is why it is very important to be sure to log off when you are done using your UT EID.

Imagine what could happen if you walked away from your computer—even for just a minute or two—without logging off. Another person could masquerade as you and easily access your personal information, change your address, or even take out an emergency loan. All of these actions would be attributed to you because they were done with your UT EID while you were logged on. It would be as if you had given someone power of attorney over you and all of your information at the university.

Be safe and protect your personal information and the data accessible using your UT EID. Always LOG OFF and CLOSE YOUR BROWSER when you are finished!





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