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Incidents: Parent and Child Incidents

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Article Number : KB0014931
Published on : 2021-05-04
Last modified : 2021-05-04 14:49:53
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

You can use ServiceNow's parent and child incidents to mimic the behavior of global incidents in Footprints. Once a child incident has been tied to a parent incident, any updates or status changes to the parent incident will trickle down to all children.

To Create a Parent Incident:

From the Incident application, select Create New and fill in the incident form appropriately based on the issue. Save the incident.

Please Note: Any existing incident can become a Parent Incident simply by having another incident tied to it as a child. If there is an existing incident in the system that would appropriately function as the Parent, you may use that rather than creating a new incident.

To Create a Child Incident:

From the Incident application, select Create New and fill in the incident form appropriately based on the issue.

Navigate to the Related Records tab on the Incident form. In the Parent Incident field, enter the Incident number for the Parent Incident.

You can use the  icon to verify that you are linking to the correct parent incident.

Click Save or Submit to tie the child incident to the parent. From now on, status updates to the Parent Incident will trickle down to the Child Incident(s).

Please Note: Any existing incident can become a Child Incident simply by tying it to another incident as a child. If there are existing incidents in the system that should function as children, simply update the Related Records tab with the appropriate Parent Incident and save.

To View Parent/Child Relationships on Incidents

You can view an Incident's Parent or Children under the Related Links section at the bottom of the Incident form. 

An Incident with children:

An Incident with a parent:

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