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Defects, Enhancements and Ideas - Definitions & Processes

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Article Number : KB0014910
Published on : 2021-05-04
Last modified : 2021-05-04 15:01:00
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

Below you will find definitions of Defects, Enhancements and Ideas in ServiceNow and the process the ServiceNow team uses to address them.



A defect is defined as when any originally customer-defined or out-of-the-box functionality is broken. (Missed requirements are considered Enhancements.) Defects should be reported to the ServiceNow team as an incident:

Report a Problem with ServiceNow (Fulfillers)

Create an Incident in ServiceNow describing the issue and assign it to ITS-CSS-ServiceNow.

Report a Problem with ServiceNow (End Users)

Submit a Ticket describing the issue on the UT ServiceNow website.

Defect handling

  • Please do not write directly to the ServiceNow team for defects—instead open a ticket!
  • The ServiceNow team prioritizes critical defects ahead of enhancements and will work immediately to resolve them.
  • Defects that impact end users (customers) are prioritized ahead of defects that only impact fulfillers.
  • Defects that have an acceptable workaround will go into the normal sprint cycle and will be addressed within a release.
  • Critical fixes are pushed to production on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


An enhancement is a feature, functionality, or anything else that was not defined as part of original requirements but applies to existing data, forms, or workflows you are already using in ServiceNow.

  • Requests for enhancements should be made through the service catalog.
  • Please do not write directly to the ServiceNow team for enhancement requests—instead open a request!


An Idea is a suggestion for a feature or functionality unrelated to existing data, forms and workflows your department is already using in ServiceNow.

  • When submitting ideas, include as much information as possible to help the ServiceNow team assess the feasibility of your idea more efficiently. Include a use case if possible.
  • The ServiceNow team will review and sort Idea submissions regularly and give you feedback.
  • Submit an Idea to ServiceNow

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