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ServiceNow Delegates

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Article Number : KB0014907
Published on : 2021-05-04
Last modified : 2021-05-04 14:52:40
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

Delegation is the ability to designate other users to receive and interact with approvals and tasks assigned or sent to you, and to receive copies of all email notifications sent to you from ServiceNow.

Please Note:

  • Delegation is not retroactive. If there are pending tasks or approvals before the delegation begins, the delegate will not receive them.
  • Delegation does not cascade. When a user acts as a delegate for another user, the delegate cannot in turn delegate to a third party. The original delegate is the only user who receives assignments and notifications.
  • You cannot add yourself as a delegate for someone else.

To View or Manage Delegates

In UI 16 (Helsinki), click your name in the top right corner of the screen and select Profile.

On your user profile page, delegates are visible below Related Links.

The Delegated to Me tab lists users that you are currently a delegate for. In other words, the users who have designated you as a delegate for them. Click the  button next to a user to view your delegation settings for that user.

The My Delegates tab lists users who are delegates for you. In other words, the users you have designated as your delegates.

To Add New Delegates

Open the My Deiegates tab and click New. Enter the name or EID for your desired delegate, or use the magnifying glass to run a filtered search.

Set the desired time period for which you would like this user to have delegation privileges.

Review which delegation options you would like to apply to this user:

  • Approvals: The delegate can approve items on your behalf.
  • Assignments: The delegate can view and work on tasks assigned to you.
  • CC Notifications: The delegate receives a copy of email notifications sent to you, except those marked Meeting Invitation.
  • Meeting Invitations: The delegate receives a copy of email notifications sent of the type Meeting Invitation.

Click Save or Submit.


To Edit an Existing Delegate

Navigate to the My Delegates tab. Click the next to the delegate you'd like to edit. You may now update the delegation time period and settings and click Save or Update.

To Remove an Existing Delegate

Remove a single delegate:
Navigate to the My Delegates tab. Click the  next to the delegate you'd like to remove. From the delegate page, select Delete.

Remove multiple delegates:

Navigate to the My Delegates tab. Click the checkbox next to the delegate(s) you'd like to remove. From the Actions on Selected Rows dropdown menu, select Delete.

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