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ServiceNow Agile Methodology

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Article Number : KB0014901
Published on : 2021-05-04
Last modified : 2021-05-04 14:43:18
Knowledge Base : ServiceNow - Public Self Help

The ServiceNow team is using Agile methodology to make any developmental changes to the ServiceNow platform.

  • We consolidate two weeks of defined and approved work in our backlog and put it into a sprint, according to what we can accomplish with our resources during that time.
  • Steps in a sprint:
    1. we develop the fix, new functionality, or enhancement in the “dev environment”
    2. we push new functionality to the “QA environment” for internal testing, and then external testing with customer within the two week sprint window
    3. when approved, we push to production on the last day of the release (see below)
  • We consolidate two sprints into a release. At the end of the release, every four weeks, we push everything we developed during that four weeks to production. 

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