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Platform Considerations

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Article Number : KB0014888
Published on : 2023-11-27
Last modified : 2023-11-27 19:03:51
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

Due to Pantheon's distributed architecture, there are a number of special considerations that all developers should be aware of:

  • media streaming
  • large file storage 
  • module and plugin selection
  • network-based security

A complete list of these considerations is available here:

Of special note for UT developers:

  • Pantheon is not a content distribution network, so bandwidth-intensive content like streaming or downloading video should be hosted on an appropriate service dedicated to media streaming (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, MediaSite)
  • Avoid editing CMS core or distribution-related code at all costs! Future updates from the upstream repository will cause conflicts in your site if the CMS core, distribution themes, or modules/plugins are modified. Whenever possible, use subthemes, hooks, or other techniques to customize core or distribution features
  • Pantheon does not natively support restriction of content based on EIDs, roles, or affiliations

Developers wishing to implement EID-based authentication for content editors should consult the appropriate KB article for their selected CMS distribution:

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