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UT Drupal Kit Release Schedule

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Article Number : KB0014847
Published on : 2022-10-18
Last modified : 2022-10-18 17:50:33
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

The UT Drupal Kit (UTDK) is currently on a monthly release schedule, with updates to version 2 (Drupal 7) released on even-numbered months, and version 3 (Drupal 9) released on odd-numbered months. Releases for both versions are targeted for the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Please note that UTDK 2 is based on Drupal 7, which is currently scheduled to reach its official end-of-life in November 2023. New sites should be built using UTDK 3, and UTDK 2 site owners should be developing a plan for rebuilding or migrating sites to a supported version of Drupal as soon as possible. See “Update on Drupal 7 end-of-life and the UT Drupal Kit (March 2022)” for more information. 

UTDK 2 releases alternate between “Light” and “Full” releases. “Light” releases include available security updates for Drupal core and contrib modules, and any bug fixes or new features completed since the previous release. “Full” releases include all available Drupal core and contrib updates, as well as bug fixes and new features.

2022 Release Schedule

Target Date Planned Version Notes
January 25, 2022 3.4.0 Release notes
February 22, 2022 2.32.0 "Light" release (security updates, bug-fixes)
March 22, 2022 3.5.0 Release notes
April 26, 2022 2.33.0 "Full" release ("Light" plus all pending contrib updates)
May 24, 2022 3.6.0 Release notes
June 28, 2022 2.34.0  "Light" release (security updates, bug-fixes)
July 26, 2022 3.7.0 Release notes (3.7.0)
Release notes (3.7.1)
August 23, 2022 2.35.0 "Full" release ("Light" plus all pending contrib updates)
September 27, 2022 3.8.0 Release notes
October 25, 2022 2.36.0  "Light" release (security updates, bug-fixes) NOTE: After November 2022, UTDK 2 updates will be released on an as-needed basis based on security patches and other critical issues. See "Update on Drupal 7 end-of-life and the UT Drupal Kit (March 2022)" for more information.
November 29, 2022 3.9.0  

2023 Release Schedule

Target Date Planned Version Notes
January 2023 3.10.0  
March 2023 3.11.0  
May 2023 3.12.0  
July 2023 3.13.0  
September 2023 3.14.0  
November 2023 3.15.0  


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