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Managing your Pantheon site environments

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Article Number : KB0014803
Published on : 2023-02-24
Last modified : 2023-02-24 16:52:32
Knowledge Base : IT Public Self Help

A single Pantheon site dashboard provides DEV, TEST, and LIVE environments by default. Additional "multidev" environments can be created on-demand.

Please refer to the following Pantheon documentation for detailed information on developing on Pantheon and managing your site dashboard's environments:

  • Using the Pantheon Workflow - Understand the Pantheon WebOps workflow, and how to use separate Dev, Test, and Live environments for your Drupal or WordPress sites.
  • Multidev - "Detailed information on using Pantheon's Multidev environment for your Drupal or WordPress site"
  • Database Workflow - "Learn about the database that runs in your Pantheon site."
  • Pantheon Filesystem - "Learn more about Pantheon's Filesystem"

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